Senior Digital Fundraising and Engagement Manager

🙋🏾 Organise is hiring an interim Senior Digital Fundraising & Engagement Manager for a 6 month contract.


📌 The role is full-time or 4-days a week, fully remote or hybrid (with 1-2 days per week in our office in London) and will pay between £45k- £55k pro rata. This is a fixed-term contract - we’re open to either a contractor or as a PAYE, whichever suits your circumstances better.

📌 Click here to take a look at the full job description on Notion

📌 If you would like to apply, please send your CV and a paragraph or two (300 words) outlining why you’d be great for the role to We will review applications on a rolling basis. If you’d like a call to answer any questions you have before you apply, please book a 15-min slot here:

Senior Digital Fundraising and Engagement Manager
Remote or Hybrid Position
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What is Organise?

Organise is a worker-led network of over a million people who believe that better work is possible. Organise empowers everyone with the tools, support and confidence to improve their life at work. Our worker-led network mixes collective action and digital campaigning techniques to be heard at the highest levels.

The Organise worker-driven model allows anyone to start a campaign for free; connecting workers from the same organisation, sector or country - uniting members who share a common goal. It then provides them with the digital tools, support and confidence needed to raise a collective voice and improve their working lives.

The platform is designed to complement Union membership as well as support those not affiliated with a traditional Union. Organise provides campaigning tools including anonymised surveys, open letters, petitions, and communication channels to help amplify worker-led campaigns and get them off the ground.

Why did you start Organise?

The rapidly changing nature of work means that thousands of people don’t have access to the basic tools that allow them to collectively improve their lives at work. Right now big changes are being made to employment benefits and conditions without staff ever being asked. People are forced to ‘like it or lump it’ - and now lots of people feel that it's just the way it is. But better work is possible. Organise looks to turn that on its head, and give people across the globe - regardless of job title or industry - access to the tools they need to team up with their colleagues and improve things. All while protecting their identity, so they don’t have to fear losing their jobs.