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Here’s what Organise members achieved in 2022

In 2022, the Organise network took over 6 million actions for workers’ rights! With so many petition signatures, questions asked and answered, and poll votes, the impact is clear - Organise members achieved some truly stunning campaign wins last year.

Roxana Khan-Williams
January 19, 2023

Last year, Organise members took action across a range of campaigns, from demanding a windfall tax and triple pension lock to sharing their experiences at work during the cost of living crisis. Our members had their voices heard and their demands met - read on to celebrate our campaign wins from 2022.

Organise members won big last year 🏆

We handed in huge people-powered campaigns to the government demanding a windfall tax and triple lock on pensions - and we won! 🏅

Back in July, Organise teamed up with 38 Degrees to make Sainsbury’s become an accredited Real Living Wage employer. Organise members demonstrated outside their HQ in London and hand-delivered a report detailing how Sainsbury’s workers are struggling with the cost of living crisis. While we’ll keep pushing Sainsbury’s to become a committed Real Living Wage employer, they now pay their workers a minimum of £11, which is a huge win. 📄

In just two days, the petition to get Boots to install life-saving defibrillators in all of their stores reached 13,000 signatures. Malcolm’s petition got so much attention that it was even covered in the newspapers! The petition has now achieved over 27,000 signatures and we’re planning a demo outside Boots HQ - stay tuned. 📣

After Fern kept £1.50 of her tip money at the cafe where she worked, she got fired for it. She turned all of that anger and frustration into a 48,000-strong petition - with thousands of other cafe workers and coffee drinkers raising their voices alongside her. After that, the government introduced a bill in Parliament that’s on its way to being a law – meaning workers will have the legal right to keep their own tips. ☕

Vivian, the organiser who started the campaign to protect Black women in the Arts met with Arts Council England after getting over 10,000 signatures on her petition. Arts Council England were extremely grateful to Viv for bringing to light issues of structural racism within the Live Performance sector. After a fruitful conversation with ACE, they requested that Viv does some long-term engagement with them around the issues she raised. 🎭

Over 1,200 paid and unpaid carers shared their experiences of low pay and benefits, understaffing, and lack of help. These answers were delivered to the government as part of the Labour Market Inquiry and were also collated into a huge nationwide carers campaign that will be launched this year. 💚

After 64,000 members supported the campaign to give Teaching Assistants a pay rise, over 1,000 teaching assistants shared their experiences of chronic low pay and lack of support. This survey was turned into a people-powered report that was delivered to the Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan. 🎓

11,894 workers in the Organise network took the time to share their experiences of working life with the BEIS Committee. This report has now been published on the Government website and will be used to inform labour policy in 2023. 🚀

Over 500 Organise members shared their experiences of the cost of living crisis with Liz Truss, and a whopping 64,000 members signed a petition demanding real help with wages and energy bills ahead of the government’s mini-budget last year. This formed part of a huge report on the cost of living crisis that was handed into Number 10 by Organise members. 💪

Over 9,000 Organise members wrote thank you messages to NHS workers, which were then delivered via postcard to every NHS hospital in the UK. 💌

Pushing for change in 2023 📅

We’re so proud of our wins last year, but we know we’ve got a lot to do in 2023, with big problems like rising inflation, a global recession, and a climate crisis to tackle. The good news is, each of us is part of a powerful network of over a million workers prepared to take on any challenge.

This year, we’ll win proper paid sick leave for Specsavers workers and a safe Statutory Sick Pay for everyone. Together we will protect the right to strike and make sure that Boots installs defibrillators in all their stores. And we’ll keep demanding a decent pay rise for teaching assistants, better funding for the childcare sector, and a lower commission rate for Uber so that drivers take home more pay.

Ready to make change at work this year? Get started on Organise and remember, you can always email if you’d like some help planning your next action.


Roxana Khan-Williams

Roxy dives in to help Organise members start and win their campaigns. She can help you plan your tactics and build your confidence.