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Let off steam about work with people who understand, see what others think about your situation, or start a campaign to win better pay or conditions.

You can ask a question to fellow workers, or start a petition demanding action – all completely anonymously. However you want to fix your work issue, the Organise community are with you every step of the way 💪🏽

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Starting a campaign to change things is easy, pick one of the three options that best suits your workplace and the Organise team will help you every step of the way…

Ask questions

You can collect ideas about how to fix a particular challenge by asking a question or running a snap poll. You can choose to ask everyone or just people in the same sector or workplace as you.

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Host an open letter

Writing an open letter can be a powerful way to show the scale of support in your workplace or sector. You can choose to reveal the names immediately or once the letter hits 10, 50 or 100 signatures.

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Run a petition

If you know what change you'd like to see at your workplace, a petition can be a quick way to build support. Your message will be backed up by hundreds of like-minded colleagues and other supportive workers.

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The power of the crowd
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We're building a safe space for workers to take collective action and build power

Member actions
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That's millions of people-powered survey answers, petition signatures, open letters, and hundreds of thousands of emails to CEOs, MPs and company boards.

worker-led actions

Actions created and led by workers to push for change inside companies, across industries and even countries

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What our members say

Listen to our members and the real experiences of those who have changed their work for the better.

“It was a relief just to know that people in job roles similar to mine feel the same.”
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“I wanted to have that feedback to reassure me that this is not okay, and maybe other people have had this happen to them.”
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"My manager saw sheet after sheet with petition signatures... he had to listen.”
Organise member #481,739
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Each action gets us closer to our vision of a world where decent, fairly paid work is available and accessible to all, and where all of us are treated with dignity and respect at work.

Whether you’re a retail assistant calling for at least three people on shifts in case of an accident, or a self-employed mum campaigning to change the law around parental leave. Together we’re a powerful network who stand up for each other and win positive change in our working lives.

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