Trade Unions using Organise

We encourage our members to join a trade union for representation at work and collective bargaining. We’re a team deeply passionate about using technology to empower worker voice in collective bargaining. Organise is not a union, nor are we trying to be one.

How unions are using Organise:

🤳🏽 Powerful mobilisation tools

Create actions around issues your members care about and want to see improved at work. These can be issues like wages, benefits, conditions, & more. Our free-to-use tools include confidential workplace petitions, open letters, anonymised surveys, email to MP actions, write to local paper.

✊ Expressing solidarity

Work to build solidarity beyond your core activists on top worker issues and align on the actions you are willing to take to achieve them. Build a wider network through your Organise union hub who you can communicate with in solidarity.

🔥 Invite workers to join your union

Invite participants in your campaigns to join your union, helping reach a wider audience beyond the traditional activist base.

Petition to support UCU strike action

Are you competing with Unions?

No. We hope to support growing the workers rights movement. Organise can be used by workers to discuss and determine their path to power. In some cases this may be sending a letter to management via Organise. In others, it could be to contact / involve a union organiser, start a petition or run a survey to map what’s happening on the ground. We are trying to build a platform for worker voice, and enable the workers, collectively, to decide on their path forward. We hope to be one of many complementary tools to building power.

Do you partner with unions?

Yes. We love to collaborate with unions, please send us an email on if you’d like to talk it through.

Is Organise a for-profit company?

Yes. Organise is a social enterprise. This means we are a for-profit with a social mission lock in our articles and commitment to the following public benefit to: “give people the tools, network and confidence to improve their rights and benefits in their working lives.” We hope to build a sustainable company that has one customer — the worker. Our backgrounds as a team are from the campaigning and tech industry — this is what we know.

Who are your backers/investors?

Our lead institutional investors are Ada Ventures, who focus on underrepresented founders. Alongside Ada Ventures, we are supported by Angel Investors including Khaled Helioui who sits on our board with Cassie Robinson. Our other institutional investors are: Form Ventures, who back startups tackling markets shaped by regulation and policy; RLC Ventures, a seed-stage fund who commit a portion of their profits back to charitable causes chosen by founders; and Ascension Ventures, who made the investment via their Fair By Design Fund, which focuses on alleviating challenges faced by low-income households and individuals impacted by the Poverty Premium. We have also taken investment from BGV’s Tech for Good fund and Trust for London.

Basic membership is free

Join the worker-driven network

Each action gets us closer to our vision of a world where decent, fairly paid work is available and accessible to all, and where all of us are treated with dignity and respect at work.

Whether you’re a retail assistant calling for at least three people on shifts in case of an accident, or a self-employed mum campaigning to change the law around parental leave. Together we’re a powerful network who stand up for each other and win positive change in our working lives.

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