How it works

Organise's mission is to give everyone the tools, network and confidence we need to improve our lives at work.

As a member of Organise, you get access to a community of over a million other workers. You can let off steam about a work issue, with people who understand. You can ask a question or start a conversation – and get advice, confidence, and validation.

And you can make your managers or the government actually listen, all while staying anonymous.

Waterstones staff delivering a petition
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"We’ve been tolerating the low pay for so long, it’s so good we’re finally doing something about it."

Waterstones Bookseller, Organise member #812674

So how does it work? Here are three quick steps to getting yourself heard at work with Organise.

1. Explore the community

Explore the campaigns, polls, and questions that thousands of workers have already started – and start adding your voice! Click here to join the community now.

2. Join Organise and get validated

Once you take an action in our community, you'll be asked to join and validate your email. This is to keep our community secure and safe. Your details are confidential and will never be shared with anyone.

3. Start your own action

Got a question you want to ask coworkers, or an issue you want to fix at work? Start your own petition, open letter, poll or question – and get hundreds or thousands of people supporting you. Only Organise staff will know your name, and it’ll never be shared.


But will my petition actually achieve anything?

Yes – workers from Ted Baker, Amazon, Lush, NHS and John Lewis have started campaigns that have made serious waves. And our staff team are ready to jump on a call or email to help you make your campaign a success.

Will I definitely be anonymous?

Yes, if you’d like to be. You only need to reveal your name if you choose to. You can run a petition, open letter, poll or question on Organise without anyone knowing it’s you. And when you’d like to share your campaign with your bosses, we can do it for you to protect your identity.

I’m not a techy person, is this for me?

Creating a campaign action is simple and takes just a few minutes – you get step by step guidance. And if you’re finding it tricky, just drop us an email on action@organise.network and we’ll help!

Are you a trade union?

No – we’re a tech startup that builds digital tools for workers to start and run their own campaigns and communicate with other workers. Trade unions use Organise tools, like petitions or polls, to help win their campaigns. We love working with trade unions, so get in touch if you’d like to work together.

Are you paid for by the companies themselves?

Absolutely not – we have one customer only, and that is the worker. We aren’t an HR tool. We are here to help ordinary people get the pay and conditions they deserve at work, by providing great campaigning technology and tools.


Here's what our members say about taking action on Organise

"It gives me a chance to make a difference, also hope in a time when things are very difficult. Organise meant we could connect with others who had also been told to 'retrain in cyber' - now I can keep doing the job I love."

Organise member #419312

"As a disabled person I find the idea of going on a protest difficult but I still like to be kept informed on issues I could help wit and be able to influence decision makers by emailing, signing petition and answering polls where I can."

Organise member #82731
Basic membership is free

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Each action gets us closer to our vision of a world where decent, fairly paid work is available and accessible to all, and where all of us are treated with dignity and respect at work.

Whether you’re a retail assistant calling for at least three people on shifts in case of an accident, or a self-employed mum campaigning to change the law around parental leave. Together we’re a powerful network who stand up for each other and win positive change in our working lives.

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