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You can reach the Organise team by emailing

Or leave a message on UK 020 3826 8545 or US +1 415 969 5540 and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Organise is a fast-growing startup on a mission to give everyone the tools, network and confidence to improve their life at work. Our vision is for a world in which decent, fairly paid work is available and accessible to all, and where all of us are treated with dignity and respect at work.

For decision makers

What to do if you're the target of a petition or open letter

💙 You have the right of reply. We encourage you to listen to the concerns being raised and let the organiser and participants know your next steps.

📬 Send your reply to the letter or petition to Your reply will be sent to the organiser and participants.

✅ Most decision makers reply within two weeks. Any reply is better than silence on an issue.

🤷 If you're not sure how to resolve the concerns raised, here are some ways forward:
1. Invite the organisers to a meeting to hear their concerns and map out some options for ways forward.
2. Ask for more data from the participants of the campaign. If they're reporting an issue you weren't aware of, you could ask for more detail on the impact of the issue or the specific changes needed to help you plan your resolution.

Reporting content

What to do if you don't agree with a campaign or comment

The content on Organise represents the many opinions of millions of users. We do not, however, fact-check or endorse any of the campaigns, comments or other user-generated content on our site.

As an open platform, you’ll see an extremely wide range of petitions, as they’ve all been created by people in the network! Our role is to make sure the platform is a powerful vehicle for change while remaining as safe as possible for our users.

What we don't allow is content that violates our Terms and Conditions or Community Guidelines. If you happen to see something in violation, please contact us using the steps outlined below, and we will investigate.

If you come across a petition you disagree with, but doesn’t violate our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, a great option is to create your own petition! This way you can gather support for an opposing view.

How to report a petition
To report a petition for violation of our Terms of Service or Community guidelines. Please email with the subject line 'Report a content violation'. The more specific you can be with your reason for reporting content, the more equipped the Support team will be when assessing your claim.

the big questions


What is Organise?

Organise is a worker-led network of over a million people who believe that better work is possible. Organise empowers everyone with the tools, support and confidence to improve their life at work. Our worker-led network mixes collective action and digital campaigning techniques to be heard at the highest levels.

The Organise worker-driven model allows anyone to start a campaign for free; connecting workers from the same organisation, sector or country - uniting members who share a common goal. It then provides them with the digital tools, support and confidence needed to raise a collective voice and improve their working lives.

The platform is designed to complement Union membership as well as support those not affiliated with a traditional Union. Organise provides campaigning tools including anonymised surveys, open letters, petitions, and communication channels to help amplify worker-led campaigns and get them off the ground.

Why did you start Organise?

The rapidly changing nature of work means that thousands of people don’t have access to the basic tools that allow them to collectively improve their lives at work. Right now big changes are being made to employment benefits and conditions without staff ever being asked. People are forced to ‘like it or lump it’ - and now lots of people feel that it's just the way it is. But better work is possible. Organise looks to turn that on its head, and give people across the globe - regardless of job title or industry - access to the tools they need to team up with their colleagues and improve things. All while protecting their identity, so they don’t have to fear losing their jobs.