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Using Organise

How to get started with Organise

Welcome to Organise, the workers’ network of over a million people taking action to improve our lives at work! Not sure where to start on our network? Here’s our handy guide to help you out.

Zainabb Hull
November 17, 2022

Get verified ✅

When you first visit Organise, we’ll ask you to sign up by verifying your email address. Every now and then, we’ll ask you to verify again to make sure it’s still you. This is to keep Organise secure and safe.

Just enter your email address and then click ‘Next’. If you want to get the most out of Organise, you can also tell us your employment status and a little bit about where you work. And that’s it!

Check your inbox for an email from us and click the ‘Verify my email’ link to sign into Organise.

Set up your Organise profile 🖼️

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the Organise homepage where you’ll find all the actions that organisers have started. You can personalise your Home feed by going to your Profile and setting some interests. When Organise members start actions related to the topics and sectors you pick, you’ll see those actions in your feed and we’ll notify you by email too.

A screenshot of the Interests section on a member's Organise Profile page. Interests selected include LGBTQ+, Ableism, Mental Health, and Living Wage.

If you haven’t already told us the company or the sector where you work - or if your employment’s recently changed - you can let us know here too.

Create your first action 🔧

Now it’s time to create your first action! Go to the Create tab where you can start a snap poll, write a petition or open letter, or ask an anonymous question to other workers. Don’t know which action to take first? Take our quick quiz to find out where to start!

A screenshot of the Create page on Organise. Here, there are options to ask a question, run a snap poll, start a petition or write an open letter.

The Create page is also where you’ll find your existing actions and their share links. You can also edit petitions and open letters here.

Start exploring Organise ✈️

Once you’ve created and shared your first action, you’re ready to explore the rest of the network! Spend some time on your Home feed, where you’ll find petitions and open letters to sign, snap polls to vote in, and questions to answer.

Join in the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments on any action, and show appreciation for other Organise members by clicking the heart icon on their comments.

A screenshot of a comment on Organise, which says "I go to the office twice a week because I like the people. I found working at home full time in lockdown really lonely. We have a mix at work now, some go in every day, some at home every day, and others hybrid. It works well for us all because we choose the best option for ourselves." The comment has been upvoted, which is indicated by a red heart icon.

The Explore area is where you can see our organisers’ actions grouped by the issue or industry they relate to. Click the ‘Follow’ button on any interest to be notified when someone starts a new action related to that topic.

Finally, don’t forget to use the Search function if you want to find a particular action or issue.

To log out of Organise, just go to your Profile and scroll down to the Log out button. Remember that you’ll need to verify your email address every time you sign in - this helps us to keep our community safe!

And that’s it! You’re officially part of the Organise network. Thanks for taking action with us! If you run into any technical issues or have feedback about our website, please email our staff team at


Zainabb Hull

Zainabb supports Organise members and helps organisers tweak campaigns to increase their impact.