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Activists from Organise and Fuel Poverty Action with petition in front of 10 Downing Street
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Organise delivers campaign to scrap standing charges to No. 10

Roxana Khan-Williams
January 18, 2024

On January 16, Organise teamed up with Fuel Poverty Action to deliver our campaign to scrap energy charges directly to 10 Downing Street. Our 46,000-strong campaign demands the government and Ofgem abolish the daily charge on our energy bills, which costs us an extra £300 a year, irrespective of how much energy we use.

Here’s what our research found 📊

Thousands of Organise members shared their experiences of standing charges in our survey, and the results are stark.

  • 94% of people think that standing charges should be abolished.
  • 97% believe energy companies should cover running costs from their profits.
  • 84% of us have cut down on showers, baths and washing or drying your clothes due to rising bills.
  • 72% have been forced into debt or are unable to top up a prepayment meter.

Read the full report here.

Why Organise members are supporting the campaign 💜

“I do anything to keep the costs down, I'm disabled and housebound most of the time. I therefore do not put my heating on and spend most of my time in bed with an electric blanket on as it is the cheapest way of keeping warm. I also eat mainly microwavable meals as it's cheaper than putting the oven on. Standing charges soon add up eating into what money I've put aside for fuel bills.“

“I am afraid to turn the heating on as a day already start with some expenses without using any energy. So like million others I don’t turn the heating on because of the costs and standing charges.”

"Standing charges penalise those trying to save energy or the poorest by making up a disproportionate part of their bill. There is also very little accountability as to how these costs are arrived at.”

“Despite suffering from a condition requiring warmth to be able to function, I’ve had to resort to layers of clothes including a coat indoors at the coldest times.”

"We’ve had to severely limit our use of heating in the winter which, aside from leaving us cold, has caused other issues of damp from condensation which has caused serious issues for our home and our health.”

“Standing charges are unnecessary and affect the poorest in society the most. They should be abolished and we should only be charged for the fuel used.”

“I’m sickened when I hear how much profit energy companies have made. This has been accrued at the expense of the people you provide a much needed commodity. No one should have to worry about keeping warm or being able to cook a warm meal. Gas and electricity are both essential commodities and no one should have to pay over the odds for these just to line shareholders pockets. It’s wrong on every level.“

Ofgem currently has a consultation open on standing charges - but we only have until Friday to make our voices heard. Please join thousands of others and take just two minutes to email our report directly to the consultation.


Roxana Khan-Williams

Roxy dives in to help Organise members start and win their campaigns. She can help you plan your tactics and build your confidence.