November 6, 2023

Health staff win Covid bonus after legal action threat

The government has agreed to pay a one-off Covid bonus to NHS workers who'd been previously excluded simply because they're not directly employed by the NHS. Thanks to people power from hundreds of Organise members, alongside health unions and social enterprises, now non-NHS employers can apply for funding from the government to pay their staff the bonus. This is a huge win for up to 20,000 workers, who’ll see at least an extra £1,655 in their pockets.

The payment aims to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of NHS workers during the pandemic. According to the BBC, Health Minister Will Quince said, "This will ensure hardworking healthcare staff and the organisations they work for are not financially disadvantaged as a result of the NHS pay deal, and means they will receive their backlog bonus for their efforts during the pandemic."

Read more on BBC News here.