March 21, 2024

Organise people-powered evidence cited in government report on UK benefit levels

An Organise people-powered report, which captures the voices of thousands of Organise members with experience of benefit sanctions, has been cited as evidence in a government report on benefit levels in the UK. The report, by the Work and Pensions Committee, examines whether current benefit levels are meeting the needs of working-age claimants.

Organise members called on the government to reconsider the use of benefit sanctions. In fact, 88% of Organise members agreed that benefit sanctions push people into poverty rather than encouraging them to get back to work, and 89% said that the current system of benefits doesn't adequately meet the needs of those who rely on it.

Getting these member voices to the Work and Pensions Committee is a huge win for the Organise network, and an important step towards a full reform or abolition of the benefit sanctions system.

Read the full government report here.