November 22, 2023

Organise members win campaign to protect the pension triple lock

In the 2023 Autumn Statement, Jeremy Hunt announced that the government will honour the pension triple lock, increasing the state pension by 8.5% rather than a lower amount, which had been rumoured. This is worth up to £900 a year.

After hearing these worrying rumours, which would have left so many pensioners in dire financial need, thousands of Organise members flooded the Treasury's inbox with a people-powered report packed with members' stories. Organise members sent 8,535 emails to the Treasury in a single day, and 8,665 to MPs across the UK asking them to keep the pension triple lock in their party manifestos.

This kept the pension triple lock at the forefront of politicians' minds, resulting in this important win for pensioners. Read more on FT Adviser.