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How to update your supporters

Contacting your supporters is an important part of running a successful campaign! It's easy to send an update on Organise - here's our handy guide to keeping your supporters in the loop.

Roxana Khan-Williams
November 23, 2022

Why contact your supporters? 💪🏽

The tens or hundreds or even thousands of people backing your action are what makes it powerful. So regularly contacting your supporters is a really important part of running a successful campaign.

There are lots of reasons to contact your campaign supporters, to ask them to take snap polls to help decide the next steps for the campaign, to update people with news and developments - but the most frequent reason in every campaign is to ask them to share the campaign to help it grow.

Every person who signs your petition or open letter has friends, family and colleagues that would also be interested in the issue. And every person who answers your question or snap poll has colleagues who might be in the same boat with thoughts to share.

Asking your supporters to regularly share the campaign with their friends, family and colleagues is the best way to keep support for your campaign growing over time.

Sending an email to update your campaign supporters and ask them to share the action is simple and takes only a few minutes – and it’s well worth it!

What to update your campaign supporters about 📣

Sending an update once a week is a great way to build your action over time and keep supporters engaged and interested!

Here are some suggested updates you could send:

  • How many signatures the petition or open letter has (people love to know how many others are behind you!) ✏️
  • How many people have voted in the snap poll, and what the result is 📊
  • How many people have answered your question, and what they are saying 💬
  • An update in the news that relates to your action 🗞️
  • What the next step in your campaign is going to be 🚶🏽‍♂️
  • Or just a quick thank you! ⭐

And don’t forget to remind them to keep sharing your action with their colleagues, friends and family!

When to contact your campaign supporters ⏰

A good aim is to contact your supporters once or even twice a week - especially at the start. People have busy lives, so if they don't hear from you about the campaign it will easily fall out of mind and it'll be harder to get your supporters involved with next steps.

So any time you see a big jump in signatures, send out an email thanking everyone for signing and sharing the campaign. Every time the issue or anything that touches on your campaign is in the news, share the article with your supporters and ask them to share the campaign. And any time you hear back from your target, or there's a development in the campaign of any kind, let your supporters know and ask them to share the campaign - you get the idea!

How to contact your campaign supporters 🎙️

You can contact your supporters by posting an update via the Create page on Organise. Follow these 5 simple steps to send your update off!

Step 1: Go to the ‘post an update’ page and choose which campaign it’s relating to 💚

This is important if you’re running more than one campaign at a time. For example, if you've run a snap poll and a petition on the same subject, it’s a good rule of thumb to direct people to the petition page.

A screenshot of the Post an update page on Organise. There's a dropdown box to select a campaign to update, and a box to write a headline for the update.
Step 2: Write a headline 📰

The headline is what people will see first so catch people's attention by keeping it short but clear what the update is about.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Important update on John Lewis campaign
  • TA wages are in the news!
A close up of the section to input a headline for the update.
Step 3: Add more detail 📝

Share a little more detail about your update. Shorter updates are more engaging, so keep it snappy! Explain what’s happened, or what you’d like your supporters to do.

You can even include a link to an image, like a photo from an in-person action or featuring your campaign in the headlines.

A screenshot of the Post an update page showing the Add more detail and Add picture sections.
Step 4: Select an audience 👯

Do you want everyone on Organise to see the update or just people in your workplace or sector? Pick the option that works best for your campaign and remember that your update will automatically be sent to everyone who took part in your action too!

You also have the option to send your update as an email to all of your supporters. Just tick the box and we'll take care of the rest!

A close up of the Send as an email tick box and Select audience section of the Post an update page on Organise.
Step 5: Send your update 💌

Finally, click the "Post update" button and you're done! You can start sharing the link to your update, and remember that you can view your update at any time on your Create page.

Top tips for writing to your campaign supporters 💡

Keep it short and punchy 📍

You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention, so keep your words, sentences and updates short. Explain the problem, explain the action, or ask your supporters to take part.

Imagine you’re talking to a colleague or a friend 🦜

Write as if you’re convincing them to take action with you. You don’t need big words or long sentences when you’re writing an update, just use simple easy words.

Add some heart 💜

People react much more to a powerful human experience. So make your updates personal and explain why the issue matters.

Only ask supporters to do one thing ☝️

Make sure you know what the goal of your update is - do you want people to share the petition? Complete a survey? Something else? Then ask your campaign supporters to do that one thing only.

Need some help sending an update via Organise? We’ve got you covered – just drop us an email on


Roxana Khan-Williams

Roxy dives in to help Organise members start and win their campaigns. She can help you plan your tactics and build your confidence.