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You’ve started an action on Organise - what’s next?

Here’s our easy guide to your next steps after you've taken action with Organise.

Roxana Khan-Williams
November 17, 2022

If you’ve started an action on Organise – whether that’s a snap poll, question to workers, petition or open letter – and you want to know how to keep the momentum up, look no further!

Here are three easy steps you can do right now to build your action and create change for workers.

1) Share your action 🔗

WhatsApp, Facebook groups and Twitter are great places to share your action. The more supporters you have, the more likely it is that you’ll grab the attention of your campaign target - and put the pressure on them to make the change you want to see.

Here’s our guide to sharing your petition, open letter, snap poll or question safely – whether you want to stay anonymous or not.

2) Send an update and keep folks engaged 📣

Sending an update once a week is a great way to build your action over time and keep supporters engaged and interested!

Here are some updates you could send:

  • How many signatures the petition or open letter has (people love to know how many others are behind you!) ✏️
  • How many people have voted in the snap poll, and what the result is 📊
  • How many people have answered your question, and what they are saying 💬
  • An update in the news that relates to your action 🗞️
  • What the next step in your campaign is going to be 🚶🏽‍♂️
  • Or just a quick thank you! ⭐

And don’t forget to remind them to keep sharing your action with their colleagues, friends and family!

3) Start another action on Organise 💪

If you have started a snap poll or asked a question on Organise, why not use all that rich information you’ve collected and start a petition or open letter?

This in action 🎬
Fern recently lost her job after using £1.50 of her tips to buy some lunch. After being told by her union that she couldn’t do anything about it, Fern ran a snap poll on Organise asking whether workers should get to keep their tips.

1,300 replied and 98% agreed that they belong to employees! With that confidence and information, she is now running a petition to change the law to make it illegal for employers to keep workers’ tips – you go, Fern!

If you’ve started a petition or open letter, you can start a snap poll or question to build more evidence and get feedback on the issue you are campaigning on.

This in action 🎬
Sam has just started a petition calling for a Green New Deal in the UK to protect jobs and tackle the climate crisis. But he didn’t know how many people already knew about the concept of a Green New Deal, so he ran a snap poll asking people.

It turned out that only 60% of people knew, so he added helpful context to his petition page and pushed for more education on how we as a country can tackle the climate crisis. Wow!

You’ve got this! If you would like more help planning your next action and how to scale up your campaign, feel free to reach out at


Roxana Khan-Williams

Roxy dives in to help Organise members start and win their campaigns. She can help you plan your tactics and build your confidence.