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Who can I turn to for support about a work issue?

If you need some help with a problem at work, the Organise network is here for you. Here’s how you can chat with other Organise members or a campaign coach about your work situation.

Zainabb Hull
February 16, 2023

Organise is on hand if you’re looking for support with a work concern. It’s easy to chat with the network and see what others think about what’s happening at your workplace, or even if they’re in a similar situation. And when you’re ready to take action, campaign coaches can help you to win big.

Learn more about all the tools available in our guide to Organise.

Asking a question on Organise 💬

Asking an anonymous question is an easy way to get insight from other workers. You can use questions to discuss a problem at work with your colleagues, or see if other workers in your industry are having similar problems. You can even ask our million-strong network about a broader work-related issue that matters to you, like what amount of sick pay other workers receive.

Starting a snap poll 🗳️

A snap poll is the quickest way to get people’s views on what’s happening at work. Polls are a great tool for when you want to see if your colleagues are thinking the same about a work problem or if you want to vote on what your next steps together should be. You could use the results of a poll in a report to show to your boss or CEO!

Book a call with a campaign coach 📞

Both snap polls and questions can be a launchpad for a bigger campaign, like petitioning for a change in policy at your workplace. Organise campaign coaches are here for you if you need a bit of help starting a petition or open letter, or if you’ve begun your campaign and want some additional guidance.

Campaign coaches help you strategise and get the most out of Organise’s tools so you can win big at work. Coaches understand the power structures inside many workplaces and the barriers you might be facing as you run your campaign.

Book in a free session with a campaign coach here.


Zainabb Hull

Zainabb supports Organise members and helps organisers tweak campaigns to increase their impact.