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Organise Boosts and Rewards FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions about boosts and rewards, two features that are designed to enhance your experience and impact on Organise.

Nat Whalley
June 28, 2023

What are 'boosts' and 'rewards'?

These two new features are designed to enhance your experience and impact on Organise. Boosts are in-app purchases that increase the visibility and engagement of your actions, while rewards are recognitions for your active participation in our community.

How can I get a boost?

You can buy boosts to fast-track your impact by clicking the boost symbol on any action, and following the simple on-screen instructions.

A screenshot of an Organise action with the boost options displayed under the action title and description.

You'll get free boosts every month when you subscribe to Organise. Subscribers receive 3 boosts for the price of 1 each month.

You can also earn boosts by taking actions on Organise, like signing a petition or answering a question.

What are banked boosts?

Banked boosts are boosts you’ve earned or bought but haven’t spent yet. You can use a banked boost by clicking on the boost symbol on any action you believe in.

What happens when I use a boost?

When you use a boost, your chosen action gets highlighted to other members for a specified amount of time, giving that action more visibility and a better chance of creating an impact.

Boosting alone doesn't guarantee success. It's about timing and choosing the right action to make the most impact.

After you've used a boost, you'll see a countdown clock telling you how long the boost will last. You can see this on the action you've boosted, along with increased views on that action.

How do I boost an action?

You'll see a boost symbol on all actions - simply click the boost icon to start the process. If you don’t have any banked boosts then you’ll need to buy some, or earn them by taking more actions.

A screenshot of the boosts screen on Organise, which shows pricing options for boosts.

What happens after a boost is over?

Once your boost is over, you'll get an email with information about how far your boost reached.

How do rewards and badges work?

You’ll receive rewards and badges the more you take action and support the community on Organise. Level up and earn recognition by taking action, participating in discussions, and helping to win campaigns to improve working life.

What are the badges I can earn?

You can earn different badges based on how often you take action and the types of actions you take on Organise. For instance, you can earn badges when you boost a post for the first time, create your first action, or when one of your comments gets 20 likes!

What do I get when I subscribe?

When you subscribe, you not only support the Organise community but also get several perks. Subscribers receive an exclusive badge and 3 boosts for the price of 1 each month to power up the actions of their choice. Subscribers also unlock the ability to filter comments and poll results by sector or workplace.

If you run into any technical issues or have feedback about Organise's boosts and rewards system, please email the staff team at


Nat Whalley

Nat is Organise's co-founder and CEO. She co-founded Organise when her pregnant friend faced discrimination at work.